Customized Meal Plans

Let’s face it, nailing our nutrition is tough! There is so much conflicting information out there and there is minimal inform that actually applies to you and your nutritional goals. Most of us have no idea what should we be taking in, how much of it, how often, or any of the specific details needed to provide ours bodies with what it really needs. That’s why we offer customized meal plans based on scientific testing. This is NOT incorporating in the latest fad diet that may work in the short term, but ends up resulting in gaining all the weight back as soon as you move away from the diet. Your nutrition recommendations will be tailored to your metabolism measured through PNOĒ with clinical-grade accuracy. Our team will put together a customized meal plan to meet YOUR needs. We measure your own unique metabolism, cardiovascular and respiratory condition, cellular health, fat burning zone and calories you burn per day with the gold standard method. The plan will also account for your preferences and restrictions. In addition, it will provide you with smart alternatives, offer realistic options including the ability to easily work cheat meals in, change the contents on a meal with the click of a button, and easily track your results. Automatically merge data from all food tracking apps and activity trackers to adjust the macros and calories of your plan. Then choose the adjustment that works for your schedule and lifestyle.

What’s Included

  • Monthly InBody Body Composition Scan
  • Resting Metabolic Rate Test (with 3 month commitment)
  • Thorough Consultation and Review To Ensure Meals Meet Your Needs Including
    • Diet Preferences
    • Restrictions
    • Travel Schedule
    • Favorite Local Restaurants or Food
  • Personalized daily meal plans based on your RMR Results
  • Custom App to View And Log Your Meals
  • Easy Links to Purchase Recommend Foods/Ingredients
  • Integrations with other Fitness Trackers Like MyFitnessPal and Apple Health
  • Easily Adjust Meals On The Fly

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