Peak’s Coaching Philosophy

Why Should You Hire a Coach?

You will very rarely find two athletes that have the same goals and training requirements, even if they are training for the same race. There are so many factors that need to be considered when it comes to optimizing your training and developing the right training schedule for you. Strengths and weakness for each discipline are critical for sure, but it goes a lot deeper than that. Stress, family commitments, job responsibilities, and race goals are essential factors.A coach is also an excellent way to help create a training plan that is optimal for you, help keep you motivated, and prevent burnout. Most people find that when they have someone monitoring their workouts and making sure they are doing the right things to prepare for their race, they are much more successful in completing their training, which equates to much stronger results. A good coach should be able to evaluate your current fitness level and develop a plan that will allow you to achieve your goals. They will also be there for you, in good times and bad. We wish we could say there will be nothing but good times, but training for a big race is a journal filled with highs and lows. Your coach should be able to help you embrace the highs and get you through the lows.

The typical triathlete has a very busy lifestyle. As a result, life gets in the way of training from time to time. A good coach will be able to provide their athlete with the proper adjustments to their plan to accommodate these types of occurrences. On top of this, the coach should also be able to determine when their athlete needs to back off a little on their training or needs to push a little harder. Without a knowledgeable person there to make sure you are training properly, the results could be disastrous.

If you’re devoted to your training and want your best results, it is very difficult to do that when you don’t have someone in your corner there to give you guidance. You will most likely have questions running through your head all the time, and if they’re not answered, self-doubt will most likely become an issue. It is also a lot easier to justify skipping a workout or not hitting that last interval if you do not have someone holding you accountable. A good coach will be there for you when you have questions, give you that little push when you need it, or be someone you can talk to when issues arise.

Our Philosophy

Our top priority is keeping our athletes healthy. Some athletes overlook this, but during training, your top priority should be to get yourself to the starting line healthy. Unfortunately, this does not happen for many athletes due to injury. Our team will work with you to ensure that we are correcting any functional weaknesses you may have and doing everything we can to either improve or keep you healthy. Whether it’s developing the right strength training program, which is something all of our athletes have incorporated into their training, making some general health improvements or nutritional adjustments, we will be there for you and always trying to help you improve your overall health, which will lead to improving as an athlete.

Everyone has different goals and reasons why they compete. Whether your goal is to complete your first triathlon, complete a triathlon distance you have not yet achieved, or want to improve your time or results from previous races, we can help. With that being said, in order to be successful, you need to know what your goals are and how to get there. Through a series of milestones and goals, we will help you achieve your ultimate goal.

We will create the right plan for YOU. There are a lot of great generic training plans out there. However, do you want to follow a training plan that was created for someone else that was made by someone that knows nothing about you, the other aspects of your life, or your goals? All of our athletes go through a detailed evaluation and have a consultative call or meeting before we get started. This evaluation consists of questions about your lifestyle, sleeping habits, strengths & weaknesses, current training, family commitments, and much more. This information will provide feedback that will help us to determine the optimal training plan for you. This will include determining a general layout for a typical week of training as well as the ideal periodization structure for you so that you can make the best use of your time and obtain your full potential. Adjustments can be made when needed, buts it’s critical to develop a plan that will optimize your time.

We do everything we can to make sure our clients are training at the proper effort levels everyday. We are big believers in making our clients’ hard workouts hard and their easy workouts easy. This seems like an easy concept to follow, but can be very challenging for people. A lot of people train at the same speeds/paces all the time. They don’t push themselves when they should be going hard and more often, they don’t go easy enough when they’re supposed to be going easy. As a result, they are really struggling to improve. We’re sticklers on this with our clients and know when the right time is for them to push and when they should be backing off. We provide specific targets and training zones for every workout. This results in gradual improvements and PR’s on a regular basis.

It is important to stay positive and have a positive outlook on your training. There will be some great times and some bad times during your training. As any of my current athletes will tell you, we are big believers in staying positive and taking the good out of every situation. Through positive criticism and feedback, we will provide you with the confidence and attitude you need to achieve your optimal potential. This doesn’t mean that we won’t be critical at certain times during your training and provide you with constructive criticism, but overall we will maintain a positive attitude and engrain positivity into your life. This mental aspect of your training is vital to obtaining your goals.

We also believe that there is more to life than triathlon. Sure, triathlons may be a big part of your life, but for long-term success, it is absolutely vital that the proper balance between family, work, and other things you have going on in your life. We thrive on getting to know you as a person and ensuring that all aspects of your life are considered when developing your training. While remaining true to this concept, we’re extremely confident we can you find the proper balance and truly enjoy this amazing sport. Though we have some clients that aspire to be professionals, most of us are doing this for fun and to be healthy. We make sure we do not forget about this along the way.

We hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions or would like more information, please email or call us. However, if you don’t want to take our word for it, see what our clients have to say about their experiences with Peak Triathlon Coaching.

Colin Cook

PTC Founder and Head Coach