Tough Conditions, but another Kona PR!!!


I am proud to report that I had a great showing at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii a couple weeks ago.  My wife and I headed to Kona about a week before the race and had an amazing week of R&R, a little snorkeling, and soaking up the surreal environment of Kona the week leading up to the world championships.  There are so many incredible athletes and there are sightings of professionals and former champions on a regular basis.  The expo is awesome, lots of free swag, and a great chance to talk with the leading companies in triathlon.

Parrots Kona

I tried to keep my video Race Report as short as possible, but it still ended up over 20 minutes so for those of you that don’t have 20 minutes to watch it, here is the short-short version.  Here is my buddy Elliot and I in my friend Roger Little’s hotel room in the King K. Hotel just prior to the race:

Elliot + Colin Prerace in Roger's room

Swim:  1:06:01 – Definitely not what I was looking for, but it was very choppy, congested, but I stayed pretty relaxed throughout.

T1:  2:35 – Managed to take my swimskin all the way off this year so T1 was a success

Bike:  5:05:01 – Solid ride.  Nailed my nutrition (Thank you Leslie!), nailed my power goals (Avg 240 watts, NP 251), and managed to maintain my composure in some very nasty winds this year.  The Ceepo was dialed in and it felt great!

Bike Kona

T2:  2:41 – It includes a long run around the entire transition area, but it went well.  Felt good coming off the bike.

Run Kona #2

Run:  3:11:14-  A few minutes longer than I was shooting for, but a solid effort.  Went great up to mile 20 where I cramped up a bit, but was able to work through it and finished strong!

Kona Run #1

Totals:  9:27:41 – Just about a 10 min Kona PR despite the toughest conditions of my 3 attempts


123rd Overall including the Pros

79th Overall Age Grouper

11th American Overall Age Grouper

22nd in my Age Group (M30-34)

3rd American in my Age Group

Here is my video and longer version Race Report:


Post Race:  We headed home the Monday after the race, but we still had a bit of time after the race.  I did head to finish line a little before midnight to watch the last finishers which was cool.  The next day, Elliot and I each ate a JUMBO snow cone (yes, we got them all down).  It took over an hour and it may have hurt a little, but we got it done.  After that, we were invited to the Four Seasons by Jenna and Judy Farguson.  It is absolutely gorgeous and we had a time and dinner.

Snow Cones with Elliot

It was tough to leave the island after such a great trip, but we couldn’t wait to get home and see Calvin.  Thank you very much to his Nana for talking such good care of him while we were away.

Thank you very much for reading!  This was an incredible way to finish off a terrific season!!!  A HUGE thank you to all my supporters and sponsors:

BlueSeventy Wetsuits

Ceepo Triathlon Bikes

The Velo Resource

Speed Merchant Aero Wind Tunnel

Hampshire Hills Athletic Club


Now its time for a little downtime and maybe a couple cyclocross races.  However, I’m already antsy to get back to it and can’t wait to do even better next season!!!