Karin Biskovich has joined Peak Triathlon Coaching

After graduating from Cornell University, I moved to Seattle Washington and worked as a lab tech in a cancer research center. I was good at my job but I was not passionate about my work.  I found my part-time job as a gymnastics instructor more rewarding and enjoyable because I loved to motivate the girls to get better.  This is what steered me into my career as a physical therapist.  I thoroughly enjoy my job helping people rehab from injury so they can get back to their sport, work, and life.

I also enjoy competing in triathlons and have found great success.  I really thought I had all the tools to step into the coaching role so I decided to go for it.  Within a few months of coaching athletes, I have found a new passion.  It is a blast and I love it!

If you have an injury and are trying to get back into racing, I am the coach for you.  If you are trying to get through the rigors of triathlon training without getting injured, I am the coach for you.  I have been a PT for 13 years and am now an IRONMAN Certified Coach.  I look forward to sharing my knowledge through my blog posts.

Chicago Worlds 2015

So proud of my 3rd place finish at 2015 World Triathlon Finals in Chicago!