Coaching Credentials

  • 2013 – BS Exercise & Sport Science
  • 2015 – MS Exercise & Sport Science: Performance Psychology
  • 3 Year Practitioner of Applied Sport Psychology
  • Multiple Half Ironman & Ironman Finisher
  • Collegiate Lacrosse Athlete – University of Utah

About Nate

What is sport psychology/mental conditioning? Mental conditioning involves developing the mental tools and skills you need to consistently perform up to your full physical potential. Nate specifically trains athlete in the 5 cardinal skills of performance psychology: emotional control, focus & concentration, imagery, self-talk, and priming routines.

These skills are integrated into the athlete to achieve the Mental Grit ideals.

  • Strength Before Weakness
  • Achievement Before Avoidance
  • Process Before Outcome
  • Personal Ownership for Success and Failure

You can see more testimonials at: Mental Grit Consulting

With this new partnership, all Peak Tri Coaching athletes get a free session (no obligation) with Nate and 30% off all mental training packagesYou can book your session now through his online scheduler here.

Pricing for Packages (30% discount applied)

  • Race Mental Prep – 3 sessions: $225
  • Bronze – 6 sessions: $420
  • Silver – 12 sessions: $700
  • Gold – 18 sessions: $1,050

If you would like to learn more about Nate & Mental Grit, checkout his ebook: Mental Grit: Mental Training for Optimal Performance

Lastly, Nate is available to answer any questions by:

Phone/text at (801) 368-7564

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