Kona 2019 Recap

Our 5th time to Kona did not disappoint!  Kristen, Ruby, and I had a really great trip.  I’m giving the race itself a grade of a “B.”  I was hoping to go a bit faster, but I gave it my all and it was a respectable day.  Being the 3rd American in my age group […]

Whats This Cryotherapy Stuff All About?

If you’re following any professional athletes these day, you’ve likely seen them getting their chill on in a whole body cryotherapy chamber.  But does it really work and is it beneficially to athletes?  What actually happens to a person in a cabinet when the temperature is lowered to colder than minus 200 degrees? I want […]

Pt. 1 – Epigenetics and Genetic Testing: Software vs. Hardware

Recently, I’ve become more and more interested in genetic testing and what it can tell us about our health as 23andMe, the Mountain View, California, based genetic testing company has received additional FDA approval for test interpretation.   I’m particularly interested in how these types of companies interpret the raw data, how reliable it is, […]