Why Recovery Is Critical to the Training Process

In order to understand how training works, first consider what happens to your body during an intense workout. When you exercise vigorously, your metabolism increases, raising your internal temperature. Your body draws on the fuel it stores in your muscles: glucose and adenosine triphosphate (ATP). But your fuel supplies are limited, and your bodys cells […]

Be positive!!! Give energy!!!

POSITIVE MENTALITY – It is a SKILL that needs development Everyone in Triathlon will tell you that your race performance will drastically improve the more positive your mentality is. The reality is this is a massively under developed SKILL Whether you are racing a sprint or a 140.6 there are a multitude of challenges that […]

Six Items for Your Recovery To-Do List

As a coach, I know it can be difficult to get athletes to understand the importance of recovery. Oh, they probably all get it on an intellectual level, but on an emotional level, they often just don’t buy it. They feel like they need to be working to gain improvement and it’s simply counter-intuitive that […]

Welcome to the World Ruby!

I am ecstatic to announce the birth of my daughter, Ruby Roberta Cook.  She came on December 13th at 10:40pm.  She was 7 pounds, 10 ounces, and 21 inches long.  She was delivered by a midwife at the Birth Cottage in Milford, NH and Kristen delivered her in the tub, which was a first and […]

What It Takes to Qualify for Kona

Now that 2017 is officially under way, I wanted to share a post about what it takes to qualify for this iconic race. Almost every long course triathlete watches the coverage of the race every year and most say “I’m going to get there someday” and dream of some day racing in Kona. With that, […]

Kona 2016- Getting It Done for the 4th Time!

For starters, I apologize in advance for how long this is.  However, I felt it was worth sharing the full experience and journey to get across the line this year.  After Ironman Texas, I was in an interesting spot. I was fit, but I knew my 3rd child would coming along in less than 2 […]

Its Race Season!

Well its been a great winter for me.  Training has gone pretty well and my overall training volume has been pretty solid, despite being very busy with my growing family and work.  Peak Triathlon Coaching has also taken on a few new coaches and we’re growing.  We also exhibited at the Tri-Mania expo in Boston […]

Another Awesome Day at the 2015 NEMS Indoor TT and I'm a Zooter

On Saturday, January 24th, my triathlon club and I hosted the 4th annual NorthEast MultiSport Indoor Time Trial at Goodales Bike Shop in Nashua, NH.  The weather kept some participants away as we got 4-6 inches of snow, which was unfortunately out of our control.  With what we could control, everything went extremely well!  The […]